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Welcome to Leading Ladies

I wanted to create a space in time where women could come collectively to one spot to give and receive wholeness. As women, we are constantly measuring the success in our lives as well as of our lives. However, the measuring stick in which we use to measure our success generally come from those who have been broken, un-validated, unappreciated and undervalued. Because we measured with skewed data, there has been no real way to authenticate what success truly is. The road I travel to discover my true authentic self is ever evolving and I find that I don't have to look to far, cross any ocean or seek some spiritual guru. I found most of my roads lead to the friendship and fellowship of women.

2012 Breaking the Silence

As women we are uniquely bonded together and the framework to who we are or have become has largely been based on what we mirror in the lives of women that has been placed in our life. It is not uncommon for us to search for soul ties, completeness and wholeness. For, I believe that inherently this journey has been placed in us from birth. It is that missing piece of peace that we so long for. It is that constant searching for why am I here, what is my purpose and how will I find my destiny.

If you have discovered this page, perhaps it's because of divine appointment. Your being in this space is intentional. You are far too unique in this world to happen upon Leading Ladies. I welcome you with the biggest hug because I know you matter and I know that you are "Good Enough" Sit down and set a spell.

Theresa Harris

Leading Ladies is a non-profit organization existing solely for the purpose of connecting, empowering, and encourage women all over. We believe in the strength and the character of women. In the spirit of Titus women, we believe it is our mandate to reach back and lift those to their next level of destiny. I hope that each woman finds respite, rehabilitation, fun, excitement and joy. Here you will live, love and laugh. The only formality that exists on this site is the things that are necessary to make this site functional, but beyond that we are here to enjoy life in an un-conventional way. If your spirit is longing for sisterhood, and your soul struggles for peace, I will be bold enough to say you will find it here. You are most welcomed in this space.

As Leading Ladies we have so much to give and who better to be the recipient of all that is embedded in you that is good. Please feel free to share you joys, triumphs, and pain. You will be in the company of others that share your walk. We are not island. No man stands alone. Thank you for visiting the Leading Ladies page. We welcome you to join.

Leading Lady,
Dr. Harris